Levenberg–Marquardt methods for parameter estimation problems in the radiative transfer equation

T Feng, P Edström, M Gulliksson
2007 Inverse Problems  
A discrete ordinate method is developed for solving the radiative transfer equation, and the corresponding parameter estimation problem is given a least-squares formulation. Two Levenberg-Marquardt methods, a feasible-path approach and an sequential quadratic programming-type method, are analysed and compared. A sensitivity analysis is given, and it is shown how it can be used for designing measurements with minimal impact of measurement noise. Numerical experiments are performed to exemplify
more » ... rmed to exemplify the usefulness of the theory. 0266-5611/07/030879+13$30.00
doi:10.1088/0266-5611/23/3/002 fatcat:xd3eqbbe2jb53khhpkfbcrxpve