Assessment of Diyarbakır Basalt Aquifer Hydrogeological Analyzed and Obtains Thematic Maps with GIS Geostatistical Analyst Tool

Recep Çelik
2016 Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A  
Diyarbakır basalt aquifer is volcanic-rock aquifers which contain high quality water. It was main resources for Diyarbakır city center drinking supply up to 2005. Somewhere, basalt aquifer groundwater is still used for irrigation in rural areas of Diyarbakır city. In the study, Diyarbakır city center's (which is located on the Tigris river basin) basalt aquifer groundwater potentials and hydrogeological features are examined and modeled by using GIS programmer. Firstly, general geological data,
more » ... al geological data, meteorological data and general information about natural water sources are collected together, afterwards, logs of well drilled by public institutions and private individuals within the Diyarbakır city center are analyzed. Static water level, dynamic water level and well pumps yields are classified in these logs. Then, thematic maps produced with the help of Arc Info Professional GIS programmer with geostatistical analyst tool. Groundwater source potential of Diyarbakır is examined by means of these thematic maps. In hydrogeological research, productivity by aquifer features, water retention capacity and groundwater level data evaluated with geological structure of area are taken into consideration.
doi:10.17265/2162-5298/2016.02.008 fatcat:ly55e3onvre3fnw2zlvqenfija