Heterogeneous Graph Learning for Explainable Recommendation over Academic Networks [article]

Xiangtai Chen, Tao Tang, Jing Ren, Ivan Lee, Honglong Chen, Feng Xia
2022 arXiv   pre-print
With the explosive growth of new graduates with research degrees every year, unprecedented challenges arise for early-career researchers to find a job at a suitable institution. This study aims to understand the behavior of academic job transition and hence recommend suitable institutions for PhD graduates. Specifically, we design a deep learning model to predict the career move of early-career researchers and provide suggestions. The design is built on top of scholarly/academic networks, which
more » ... contains abundant information about scientific collaboration among scholars and institutions. We construct a heterogeneous scholarly network to facilitate the exploring of the behavior of career moves and the recommendation of institutions for scholars. We devise an unsupervised learning model called HAI (Heterogeneous graph Attention InfoMax) which aggregates attention mechanism and mutual information for institution recommendation. Moreover, we propose scholar attention and meta-path attention to discover the hidden relationships between several meta-paths. With these mechanisms, HAI provides ordered recommendations with explainability. We evaluate HAI upon a real-world dataset against baseline methods. Experimental results verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach.
arXiv:2202.07832v1 fatcat:ky7nsa6nxfc7taiopuhqq3vbzi