Understanding CRM as a Major Data Analysis Mode to Improve Customer Experience: CRM and Its Alignment with Technology

Priyanka Gandhi, Neelam Tandon, Jims Rohini, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan', Usha Lakshmi
The paper takes the track towards the understanding of Customer Relationship management and its relationship with technology through the CRM Softwares. The CRM concept has been originated from the advancement in the technology and change in the production centric approach to the customer centric approach in an organization. In today's competitive environment the organizations have ready realize the importance of the customer satisfaction. The paper provides highlights to the three forms of CRM
more » ... three forms of CRM where primary method of study is the review of literature. The paper also discusses the case of CRM Sale force CRM implementation at Citibank. Latterly the theoretical concept of CRM is linked with the CRM Software.