One loop renormalization of the Littlest Higgs model

Benjamín Grinstein, Randall Kelley, Patipan Uttayarat
2011 Journal of High Energy Physics  
In Little Higgs models a collective symmetry prevents the Higgs from acquiring a quadratically divergent mass at one loop. This collective symmetry is broken by weakly gauged interactions. Terms, like Yukawa couplings, that display collective symmetry in the bare Lagrangian are generically renormalized into a sum of terms that do not respect the collective symmetry except possibly at one renormalization point where the couplings are related so that the symmetry is restored. We study here the
more » ... e study here the one loop renormalization of a prototypical example, the Littlest Higgs Model. Some features of the renormalization of this model are novel, unfamiliar form similar chiral Lagrangian studies.
doi:10.1007/jhep02(2011)089 fatcat:lzxai6jifbhchdeasfhbkve3ku