Torque Estimation Using Precise Calculations of Inductance and Iron loss Mathematization

Gyu-Won Cho, Gyu-Tak Kim
2013 Journal of international Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems  
The torque was calculated with inductance and iron loss. Because the linkage flux can change the inductance, and q-axis current can change the iron loss. Therefore, precise estimation of torque can achieve with the inductance and iron loss detail calculations. So, in this paper, the d, q-axis inductance was verified through CVCT(Current Vector Control Test) and DCT(Direct Current Test). Also in the iron loss calculation, the prediction of all areas of current magnitude, phase angle and speed
more » ... angle and speed was very difficult. And LUT(Look-Up Table) was spent time and resource largely. Therefore, iron loss mathematization was proposed according to current magnitude, phase angle and speed. Also, characteristics of IPMSM were comprised of analyzed and experimental values.
doi:10.11142/jicems.2013.2.3.300 fatcat:lzogqyulefbnrhxclayqsh6mry