New observation and the modeling of gate and drain currents in off-state P-MOSFET's

Ming-Jer Chen, Jum-Chang Chao, Chia-Hsiang Chen
1994 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices  
The work reports new observations concerning the gate and drain currents measured at off-state conditions in buried-type p-channel LDD MOSFET devices. Detailed investigation of the observed phenomena reveals that 1) the drain current can be separated into two distinct components: band-toband tunneling in the gate-to-drain overlap region and collection of holes generated via impact ionization by electrons inside the oxide; and 2) the gate current can be separated into two distinct components:
more » ... inct components: the hot electron injection into the oxide and the Fowler-Nordheim electron tunneling through the oxide. At low negative drain voltage, the dominant component of the drain current is the hole generation inside the oxide. At high negative drain voltage, the drain current is essentially due to band-to-band tunneling, and it is correlated with the hot-electron injectioninduced gate current.
doi:10.1109/16.285025 fatcat:e2etc7624zbcvjf5ojseu5reta