Learning to Analyze what is Beyond the Visible Spectrum [book]

Amanda Berg
2019 Linköping studies in science and technology, Dissertations   unpublished
Thermal cameras have historically been of interest mainly for military applications. Increasing image quality and resolution combined with decreasing camera price and size during recent years have, however, opened up new application areas. They are now widely used for civilian applications, e.g., within industry, to search for missing persons, in automotive safety, as well as for medical applications. Thermal cameras are useful as soon as there exists a measurable temperature difference.
more » ... difference. Compared to cameras operating in the visual spectrum, they are advantageous due to their ability to see in total darkness, robustness to illumination variations, and less intrusion on privacy. vi
doi:10.3384/diss.diva-161077 fatcat:ltl5ocieffa4rporu4yj4glzkq