The Effects of Metalloid Elements on the Nanocrystallization Behavior and Soft Magnetic Properties of FeCBSiPCu Amorphous Alloys

Zhichao Lu, Hongxiang Li, Zhifeng Lei, Chuntao Chang, Xianzhen Wang, Zhaoping Lu
2018 Metals  
Soft magnetic properties of Fe-based metallic glasses (MGs) are dependent on their nanocrystallization behavior, particularly the precipitation of α-Fe embedded in the amorphous matrix. In this study, the effects of metalloid elements of C, B, Si, and P on thermal stability, nanocrystallization behavior, and soft magnetic properties of typical Fe-based amorphous alloys, i.e., the Fe-Cu-(CBSiP) glassy alloys, were investigated systematically. It is found that the addition of the metalloid
more » ... he metalloid elements can effectively retard the precipitation process of α-Fe during reheating of the Fe-based MGs due to the long-range diffusion of the metalloids; however, their individual effects on the compositional portioning and formation of other crystalline phases are varied. To achieve desirable soft magnetic properties, a species of metalloids and their concentrations have to be carefully controlled so that the formation of α-Fe does not interfere with that of other crystalline phases, especially those hard-magnetic phases.
doi:10.3390/met8040283 fatcat:uokkjuamvjdhlmuc7bo22tci5i