Optimized kNN Query Processing using Clustering in Untrusted Cloud Environment

Lokesh. V, Anandajayam. P, Shanmugasundaram.S Shanmugasundaram.S
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The query processing optimization is done using an efficient clustering method for the purpose of fast retrieval of the queries. The main desire of a user is to query regarding the point of interest such as nearby restaurants, cafes, etc., The Location Based Service (LBS) enables the user to access their information about their POI (Point Of Interest). Users send their present location as query and they want to get their output as the nearest POI. Due to absence of technical concerns to support
more » ... query processing on wider scales, they present the data storage and querying to the cloud service provider. The user will present their query to the data owner and, the data owner will present the data storage and querying of the client, to the cloud service provider. The security for this query processing technique is provided by the mutable order preserving encoding (mOPE) and cryptographic security process (AES and DES). Here, they previously used cloaking region and PIR (Private Information Retrieval). Now we propose Voronoi Diagram along with a new clustering method known as Self Updating Clustering Method. By using this clustering method, we can get the nearest neighbor query in a fast and efficient manner. Keywords Location based service, point of interest, mutable order preserving encoding, and kNN.
doi:10.5120/20184-2405 fatcat:geaqnwho5vfrnnfaivtn43i4ji