C. Özarpa, İ. Avcı, B. F. Kınacı, S. Arapoğlu, S. A. Kara
2021 The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
Abstract. There are regular developments and changes in cities. Developments in cities have affected transportation, and traffic control tools have changed. Traffic signs and traffic lights have been used to direct pedestrians and vehicles correctly. Traffic light control systems are used to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, increase the fluency in traffic, guide them in transportation, warn pedestrians and drivers, and regulate and control transportation disruptions. In order to
more » ... cilitate people's lives, it is desired to control the traffic components autonomously with the developments in autonomous systems. Cyber threats arise due to the active use of the internet and signals or frequencies in the use of modules that will provide communication with traffic lights, traffic signs, and vehicles, which are traffic components at the inter-sections of many roads in the control of central systems. The study is limited to smart traffic lights, which are traffic components. If we examine the cyber-attacks, we can see that Malware Attacks, Buffer Overflow Attacks, DoS attacks, and Jamming Attacks can be made. Network-Based Intrusion Detection Systems and Host-Based Intrusion Detection Systems can be used to detect and stop Malware Attacks, Buffer Overflow Attacks, DoS attacks, and Jamming Attacks. Intrusion detection systems tell us whether the data poses a threat or does not pose after the data passing through the system is examined. In this way, system protection is ensured by controlling the data traffic in the system.
doi:10.5194/isprs-archives-xlvi-4-w5-2021-411-2021 fatcat:aqo64daj3nd6zhtctpmjvupreq