A High Efficient Encoding Scheme of Big-Volume Bio-informatics Data using a Linear Block Buffering

Seokjin Im, HeeJoung Hwang
2015 unpublished
Cloud computing upon high speed communication technologies makes it possible to use high computing power and mass storage provided by a cloud service. Especially, in order to analyze big-volume bioinformatics data, the computing power by cloud computing can be an alternative to use. However, the transmission of the big-volume data to the cloud server in order to analyze the data can be a bottleneck because of lots of time consumed for transmitting. In this paper, we propose an efficient scheme
more » ... n efficient scheme transmitting while encoding bigvolume bio-informatics data to a cloud server. Also, the proposed scheme uses a linear block buffering to improve the transmission throughput. We evaluate the proposed scheme with respect to the time to be consumed for encoding and transmitting to a cloud server, and show the effectiveness by comparing the scheme with other encoding algorithms.
doi:10.14257/astl.2015.107.17 fatcat:6vxwd7dwozdp7dj4po727xl7ri