Языки мира

Х.М. Абдурахманова
The artikle languages of the world provides an acctassible and entertaining analysis of the variety of world languages, the mostinteresting and important tasks that science solves. It ttells about the most interesting facts of life of the language. We need languages for communication, development, and friendship.The article deals with how languages ofpeoples who do not use writing die with the last native speaker. The main reasons for the disappearance of languages are considered to be the
more » ... ered to be the relocation of rural populations to large cities.Also, globalization and migration, includes an overview of the most frequently studied foreign languages in various countries. Today, contacts with other countries are becoming closer, and knowledge of foreign languages plays an important role. In ignorance of the language, people have problems. Therefore, a modern person should know at least one foreign language. Because there should be mutual understanding between Nations.
doi:10.34755/irok.2020.10.60.135 fatcat:bg7aveodwfgivl4cyhy2b66jce