Thejas H. K., Laxmi S., Abhilash D. T.
2020 International journal of civil engineering and technology  
This paper presents a brief understanding of the concept of Outrigger system and explains its structural composition, Nowadays, in modern tall buildings, lateral loads induced by wind or earthquake forces are often resisted by a system of multioutriggers. An outrigger is a stiff beam that connects the shear walls to exterior columns. When the structure is subjected to lateral forces, the outrigger and the columns resist the rotation of the core and thus significantly reduce the lateral
more » ... n and base moment, which would have arisen in a free core. During the last three decades, numerous studies have been carried out on the analysis and behavior of outrigger structures. But this question is remained that how many outriggers system is needed in tall buildings, This paper deals with the comparison of core building without outrigger, with single outrigger and double outrigger
doi:10.34218/ijciet.11.1.2020.004 fatcat:ikulzwnc3zgx3ezsee5cpoqpba