Stability and the Electronic Structure of XB2 (X = Pt, Ir, Pd, Rh, Os) Diborides

A.I. Popoola, A.Y. Odusote, O.E. Ayo-Ojo
2017 Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences  
First-principle calculations have been performed to investigate the structural and electronic properties of platinum group metal diborides in the stoichiometry XB2 (X = Pt, Ir, Pd, Rh, Os). All investigated compounds have shown to belong to the orthorhombic Pmmn space group rather than the C2/m previously predicted in some of the compositions. Compressibility will reduce with boron addition in Pt, Pd and Rh, but will increase with boron addition into Ir and Os. The electronic density of states
more » ... how that all the compounds are metals, with PtB2, PdB2 and OsB2 being potentially incompressible and superhard materials.
doi:10.1515/lpts-2017-0026 fatcat:fsv6n6377jgiphwqmjajri3ucq