Real-Time 3D UAV Pose Estimation by Visualization

Nenchoo, Tantrairatn
2020 Proceedings (MDPI)  
This paper presents an estimation of 3D UAV position in real-time condition by using Intel RealSense Depth camera D435i with visual object detection technique as a local positioning system for indoor environment. Nowadays, global positioning system or GPS is able to specify UAV position for outdoor environment. However, for indoor environment GPS hasn't a capability to determine UAV position. Therefore, Depth stereo camera D435i is proposed to observe on ground to specify UAV position for
more » ... environment instead of GPS. Using deep learning for object detection to identify target object with depth camera to specifies 2D position of target object. In addition, depth position is estimated by stereo camera and target size. For experiment, Parrot Bebop2 as a target object is detected by using YOLOv3 as a real-time object detection system. However, trained Fully Convolutional Neural Networks (FCNNs) model is considerably significant for object detection, thus the model has been trained for bebop2 only. To conclude, this proposed system is able to specifies 3D position of bebop2 for indoor environment. For future work, this research will be developed and apply for visualized navigation control of drone swarm.
doi:10.3390/proceedings2019039018 fatcat:i5s3lukcqrcefocscn6ir2yala