More on beta-deformed matrix model

Hidehiko Shimada
2009 Soryushiron Kenkyu Electronics  
Despite the importance of M-theory, its formulation is still not established. The best candidate, the matrix model, has unsolved fundamental problems such as the Nco limit, The interpretation of the matrix model as the regularised supermembrane theory provide a promising approach to them. However, one seems to be still far from the resolution of them, and needs better understanding of the physics of the matrix model and membranes. Here we report two properties of the stable solutions of a
more » ... olutions of a deformation of the matrix medel proposed by the author. The original potential term, -i[Etr[Xa,XP]2, is deformed according to the rules, [Z,WI -= eirPZWefii"fiWZ, [Z,Wt] -+== e-i"PZWt -eirPVVtZ, where Xa (a = 1, . . . ,9) are N × N matrices and Z == Xi +iX2, Xi = X3 + iX4. This form is motivated by an analogy Vo a deformation of D == 4,Ar == 4 super-Yang-Mills preserving the conformal symmetry. The deformed model admits an eleven-dimensional irrterpretation: it is a regularised supermembrane theory on a supergravit;y background, whieh is of the pp-waMe type with a
doi:10.24532/soken.117.1_a24 fatcat:fr35wxozh5gbxkr3mjdjckjopa