Physical and mathematical modeling of gas production in shale matrix

Wei Guo, Rongze Yu, Xiaowei Zhang, Zhiming Hu
2018 Oil & Gas Science and Technology  
Shale gas mainly stores in shale matrix, and gas production in shale matrix is very important during exploration. In order to clarify gas production and transport mechanism in shale matrix, an experimental modeling of gas production in shale matrix was designed and conducted with Longmaxi shale samples collected from South of Sichuan. The experimental results show that gas production decline curve displays a "L" pattern which indicates initial production is high and declines rapidly, while late
more » ... production is low and declines moderately; meanwhile, pressure propagation in shale matrix is quite slow due to ultralow permeability. Based on the results, a mathematical model was derived to describe gas production in shale matrix. The comparison between numerical solution of mathematical model and experimental results shows that the mathematical model can well describe gas transport in shale matrix. In addition, factors affecting gas production were investigated on the basis of the mathematical model. Adsorbed gas can replenish gas pressure in pores by desorption and delay pressure propagation, and gas production decreases very quickly when there is no adsorbed gas. Other parameters (diffusion coefficient, permeability and porosity) also need to be considered in shale gas development.
doi:10.2516/ogst/2018010 fatcat:eojwvahmonaj7mxactiwftt5wy