The Analysis of the Phenomenon of Language Right Weakening of Cantonese Translated into English

Xia He
2014 Theory and Practice in Language Studies  
A global society has made the communication and cooperation in politics, economy, culture and many different fields between countries booming. As a link in international communication and exchanges, translation has been playing an increasingly significant role. Translation is the communication of conveying the meaning of a source-language with target-language. However, in the process of translation, due to different language systems and cultures, when source language is translated into the
more » ... t language, the meanings and culture elements cannot be fully kept, thus causing the loss of meaning. Language right is a part of human right. It refers that every human being or human group enjoys the right to freely use the language. It also refers that the used language enjoys the right to survive, develop and be fully transmitted. The loss of meaning in one language is the result that the language right of it is not guaranteed or weakened. This paper, researches on the characteristics of Cantonese, through the analysis of the English lines of the Cantonese movie The Infernal Affairs, presents the language right weakening of Cantonese translated into English. Some tentative strategies are hopefully to be discovered.
doi:10.4304/tpls.4.12.2633-2639 fatcat:tqf6w74ryjhurkxnur5qz6ing4