Designation of two new pontoniine shrimp genera (Decapoda: Palaemonidae)

A.J. Bruce
1992 Journal of Natural History  
Two new pontoniine genera are designated, Pseudopontonia gen. nov., for Pontonia minuta Baker, and Anchiopontonia gen. nov., for Pontonia hurri Holthuis, both genera being presently monospecific. Pontonia minuta is known only from south and eastern Australia, and is of unknown commensal association. Anchiopontonia hurii, an associate of spondylid bivalves, known from the Marshall and Tuamotu Islands, is also newly recorded from the Ryukyu Islands. Pseudopontonia gen. nov. Definition. Small
more » ... inition. Small shrimps of robust, subcylindrical body form. Rostrum well developed, thickened, broad, blunt distally, without dorsal carina, unarmed. Carapace smooth, glabrous, inferior orbital angle bluntly produced, orbit feebly developed; supraorbital, epigastric, hepatic and antennal spines absent, anterolateral margin of branchiostegite produced. Abdomen smooth, glabrous, pleura rounded. Telson normal, with two pairs of large dorsal spines, posterior margin with six pairs of small spines. Antennule with short stylocerite, flagella short, upper flagellum short, feebly biramous. Antenna with basicerite stout, unarmed, scaphocerite normal, distolateral tooth large. Eye normal, cornea globular. Mandible normal, without palp, incisor process multidentate; maxillula with feebly bilobed palp, upper lacinia broad; maxilla with short, simple palp, basial endite reduced, simple, coxal endite absent, scaphognathite normal, anteromedial margin emarginate; first maxilliped with reduced simple palp, basial and coxal endites fused, broad, exopod with flagellum reduced,
doi:10.1080/00222939200770721 fatcat:kpc65soiwvc5bhsik6mj45whw4