Lung Segmentation Considering Global and Local Properties in Chest X-ray Images
흉부 X선 영상에서의 전역 및 지역 특성을 고려한 폐 영역 분할 연구

Woong-Gi Jeon, Tae-Yun Kim, Sung Jun Kim, Heung-Kuk Choi, Kwang Gi Kim
2013 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
In this paper, we propose a new lung segmentation method for chest x-ray images which can take both global and local properties into account. Firstly, the initial lung segmentation is computed by applying the active shape model (ASM) which keeps the shape of deformable model from the pre-learned model and searches the image boundaries. At the second segmentation stage, we also applied the localizing region-based active contour model (LRACM) for correcting various regional errors in the initial
more » ... egmentation. Finally, to measure the similarities, we calculated the Dice coefficient of the segmented area using each semiautomatic method with the result of the manually segmented area by a radiologist. The comparison experiments were performed using 5 lung x-ray images. In our experiment, the Dice coefficient with manually segmented area was 95.33%±0.93% for the proposed method. Effective segmentation methods will be essential for the development of computer-aided diagnosis systems for a more accurate early diagnosis and prognosis regarding lung cancer in chest x-ray images.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2013.16.7.829 fatcat:uizsktkgg5c7beindt4vxf5pwe