Analysis of Plankton Diversity and Density with Physico-Chemical Parameters of Open Pond in Town Deeg (Bhratpur) Rajasthan, India

Sunder Singh
2015 International Research Journal of Biological Sciences   unpublished
The present study was carried out on Kunda (open pond) of Town deeg (Bharatpur) Rajasthan. The town deeg is situated in Disrict, Bharatpur of Rajasthan State. The physico-chemical parameters and plankton diversity of open pond (locally known as kunda) of town deeg district Bharatpur (Rajasthan) was sampled from April to July, 2010. The plankton were collected, counted and were identified by using the method Suggested by different agencies and scientists. Freshwater Zooplankton of India and
more » ... Water Biology. The plankton was counted by using Sedgwick 4 Rafter Counting Cell method. Pond water samples were collected for physico-chemical parameters. Values of the physico-chemical parameters observed ranged as follows: water temperature, 24-26.5°C; air temperature, 22-23. °C; transparency, 0.2-0.4 m; pH, 7.3-8.4; total dissolved solids, 143.8-159.5 mg/L; conductivity, 290.8-391.5 µmhos/cm; salinity, 0.11-0.19%; dissolved oxygen, 0.7-1.8 mg/L and alkalinity, 0.8-1.7 mg CaCO 3 /L. The study was carried out monthly but was tabulated seasonally by using statistical method. Thirty six taxa of plankton were encountered. Phytoplankton consisted of five families namely; Cyanophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Euglenophyceae, Bacillariophyceae and Dinophyceae. Three groups of zooplankton encountered were copepods, cladocerans and rotifers. The presence of pollution indicator species such as, Microcystis, Phacus, Oscillatoria, Surirella Closterium, Aphanocapsa, Anabeana and Euglena show that the pond is likely polluted. The study was carried out monthly but was tabulated seasonally by using statistical method. From the listed data the quality of water was concluded. The present study will provide an important basis to assess the fish production potentialities and to formulate sustainable aquaculture practices in man-made habitats and fishery management policies in town deeg bharatpur(Rajasthan) and nearby aquatic ecosystems Keywords: Phytoplankton, zooplankton, physico-chemical parameters, pollution and open pond (kunda) of town deeg district Bharatpur (Rajasthan).