A Survey on Fluid Physical Simulation Technology Based on SPH Method

绪强 邵
2016 Open Journal of Nature Science  
In the physics-based fluid simulation, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), as a Lagrangian particle approach, can transit continuous computation space into interactive particles and ensure the conservation of mass during the simulation process. It can also simulate the topology everchanging fluid motion and capture the details. This has been widely applied to the movie special effects, digital entertainment and virtual medical science, etc. Based on the SPH fluid physics simulation, the
more » ... conducted a deep research on the aspects like incompressible fluid simulation, solid-fluid interaction simulation, vortex detail resuming, real bubble simulation and so on. The current research status, both home and abroad, is stated and existing methods are also analyzed. Finally, the paper discussed the problems that still need to solve in SPH fluid simulation and the research trend in the future.
doi:10.12677/ojns.2016.42021 fatcat:5a7mjz3trrh3jlev7qjtnkmcbm