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1909 Journal of the American Medical Association  
already under way; in the others the first symptoms appeared between the eleventh and thirty-seventh day afterward. Maag has reported 3 cases developing after preventive injection of 423 patients. All agree that to abort an epidemic, isolation of the sick is necessary until they are free from bacilli. He adds in conclusion that the eannulas used to make the injec¬ tions sometimes become clogged with coagulated serum as tliey me boiled. This can be prevented by placing the eannulas in a solution
more » ... nulas in a solution of pepsin after using; this will eat out the serum in the interior. He also describes a simple box method of disinfecting the letters sent out by the sick. Norsk Magazin for Laegevidenskaben, Christiania March, LXX, So. 3, pp. 169-296 124 Low Bronchoscopy for Removal of Foreign Bodies in the Lungs. (Fremmedlegeme i lungen. Bronchoscopia inferior. Fjernelse af fremmedlegemet, helbredelse.) V. Uchermann. 125 The Art of Embalming. Past and Present. (Om fortids og nutids balsaiiiniingskunst.) II. Hopstock. 126
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