Spin-dependent boundary resistance in the lateral spin-valve structure

T. Kimura, J. Hamrle, Y. Otani, K. Tsukagoshi, Y. Aoyagi
2004 Applied Physics Letters  
We report the detection of clear spin-valve signal without any spurious magnetoresistive signal in a lateral spin-valve structure consisting of Cu/ Ni− Fe ohmic junction using local current injection. The obtained spin-valve signal is much larger than that of the nonlocal spin-valve configuration because of the efficient spin accumulation. The local current injection experiments with different probe configurations proved that the spin-valve signal is caused by the spin-dependent boundary
more » ... nce at the interface between the ferromagnetic voltage probe and the spin-polarized nonmagnetic wire.
doi:10.1063/1.1805698 fatcat:jwn22ih7lvhh3nnnokk23njecu