Crack Front Interaction with Self-Emitted Acoustic Waves

D Massy, F Mazen, D Landru, N Ben Mohamed, S Tardif, A Reinhardt, F Madeira, O Kononchuk, F Rieutord
2018 Physical Review Letters  
The interaction of a propagating crack in implanted silicon with self-emitted acoustic waves results in periodic patterns on fractured surfaces. Direct measurement of the acoustic emission ahead of the fracture front shows the emergence of dominant acoustic frequency related to the crack velocity. It is shown that the surface modifications are made of roughness modulations due to periodic deviations of the crack front. A physical mechanism explaining the pattern formation is proposed, well in agreement with the observed pattern wavelengths.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.121.195501 pmid:30468612 fatcat:ywb3yraharbyncxuomz4ji7pzi