Measurement of the longitudinal analyzing power for noncoplanarp-dbreakup

E. A. George, J. Frandy, M. K. Smith, Y. Zhou, L. D. Knutson, J. Golak, H. Witała, W. Glöckle, D. Hüber
1996 Physical Review C  
First measurements of the longitudinal analyzing power A z for noncoplanar p-d breakup at E p ϭ9 MeV in four kinematically complete configurations are presented. The measurements are compared with Faddeev calculations obtained with the Bonn B nucleon-nucleon interaction and the 2-exchange Tucson-Melbourne three-nucleon force. The measured analyzing powers and the corresponding theoretical predictions are very small in magnitude and compatible within the error bars of the data. Because of the
more » ... . Because of the smallness of A z , the expected enhanced sensitivity to three-nucleon force effects is not seen in this low energy region.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.54.1523 pmid:9971496 fatcat:p2yul5od3rchhnzfojma7ipnhu