Die Vereinigten Bühnen Wien und ihre Musicalproduktionen

Martina Elisabeth Gruber
2010 unpublished
Musical as a genre of theatre arose after the mid-19th-century in the United States of America although the roots can be traced to the European music theatre. Three essential components determine the musical: dance, dialogue and music. Despite being an ever-changing genre, it does still work with the musical harmonics of the 19th century. Broadway in the city of New York and the West End in London distinguished themselves very soon as the centres of the genre. After World War II the musical was
more » ... II the musical was also established in Austria. But because of the musical traditions in this country, the new American type of theatre has to cope with vicious criticism. Especially fans of classical music attack the lightweight genre just like the operetta before. It is hard to defend the negativity because very often prejudices prevent people of getting to know the new American musical theatre. Adversaries are niggling and call it greedy for profit and stupid entertainment. Therefore it could never be compared with the serious culture of Viennese theatre and opera. The enterprise of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien consists of three theatres: Theater an der Wien, Ronacher and Raimund Theater. Founded in 1987, the company aimed to establish and cultivate the musical in Vienna. In order to reach this goal the company hired first class artists to develop professional productions. From 1990 on Vereinigte Bühnen Wien have produced their own musicals which can keep up with productions from Broadway or the West End. Profundity in all respects define the musical works. The stage design, costumes and choreography convey the ideas of the director, author and composer, as you can see in the pictures. Referring to the music, leitmotifs can be found that help to give a better understanding. In the musicals of the author Michael Kunze there are also textual leitmotifs. For that reason Kunze originated the type of the "Dramamusical" in which the components music, dialogue and dance are complementary and push the action. Professional performances have let the comp [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.10166 fatcat:tmipbhjkqzhffi5hrueerioidq