Grazed Firebreaks in Southern Forests

L. K. Halls, R. H. Hughes, F. A. Peevy
1960 unpublished
Excerpts from the report: Grazed firebreaks are open strips of improved pasture with a twofold value. First, they help to stop or slow down the spread of forest fire, provide a strip from which to backfire when making prescribed burns or attacking wildfires, and serve as access roads for deployment of men and equipment. Second, they benefit livestock and game by producing good forage during a large part of the year and by providing a means of getting increased use of native plants in the woods.
more » ... lants in the woods. This leaflet furnishes guides for establishing and maintaining grazed firebreaks. It is directed particularly to southern forest landowners interested in coordinated production of timber, cattle, and game.
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.309073 fatcat:66cfil7v7zf4rgz5afkhimbpxm