Research on Hydraulic Support Selection of Unmanned Fully-mechanized Coal Mining Face

Yongsheng Yang, Xuewen Li, Lizhi Zhang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Materials (ICMCM 2016)   unpublished
The article introduced the knowledge about how to select the hydraulic support type. Aiming at the characteristics of thin coal seam in Huang Ling No.1 Coal Mine, by the use of empirical estimation method and numerical modeling method, the hydraulic support with large mining height was studied and selected. The article introduced its main technological parameters and characteristics. At the same time, the article proved that intelligent production pattern was an effective measure for unmanned
more » ... ning on fully mechanized coal mining face, which had applied value popularizing on the mining face with thin and good condition of thin geology. 1Research background The automation control technology of unmanned fully mechanized mining face in coal mine and its application are the important measures of realizing coal mining safely and efficiently. Thin coal seam unmanned mining is still the technological problem, especially extremely thin coal seam. In America, Germany, and Australia, technology of unmanned fully mechanized mining face is more advanced [1] . Australia has more than 60% of the use of LASC long-wall automation system on fully mechanized mining face; The United States recently developed a set of thin coal seam long-wall equipment, and they are proposing to realize unmanned mining in Norway coal mine [2] [3] . In China, there are also many units carried out the research of unmanned and less humanized fully mechanized mining face. At present, there are several territory has realized unmanned and less humanized mining on fully mechanized mining face [4] . Face selection and matching of fully mechanized equipment is related to the stability and reliability of fully mechanized equipment, and the intelligent degree of the fully mechanized coal face at the same time. Face "compressors" selection includes the selection of hydraulic support, coal winning machine and scraper conveyor. Among them, the selection of hydraulic support is the core.
doi:10.2991/icmcm-16.2016.60 fatcat:rescpaqqjvhjfbmye4t6obswve