Morphology and Phenotype of Peripheral Erythrocytes of Fish: A Rapid Screening of Images by Using Software

Soumendra Nath Talapatra, Priyadarshini Mitra, Snehasikta Swarnakar
2016 International Letters of Natural Sciences  
Many information of biological study as stained cells analysis under microscope cannot be obtained rich information like detail morphology, shape, size, proper intensity etc. but image analysis software can easily be detected all these parameters within short duration. The cells types can be yeast cells to mammalian cells. An attempt has been made to detect cellular abnormalities from an image of metronidazole (MTZ) treated compared to control images of peripheral erythrocytes of fish by using
more » ... on-commercial, open-source, CellProfiler (CP) image analysis software (Ver. 2.1.0). The comparative results were obtained after analysis the software. In conclusion, this image based screening of Giemsa stained fish erythrocytes can be a suitable tool in biological research for primary toxicity prediction at DNA level alongwith cellular phenotypes. Moreover, still suggestions are needed in relation to accuracy of present analysis for Giemsa stained fish erythrocytes because previous works have been carried out images of cells with fluorescence dye.
doi:10.56431/p-qb0tz4 fatcat:4s5hb4zaljdf3oxgv7lna5nqni