Polytropic Socrates' Implicit Defence of Philosophy

Samantha Trudeau
2019 Politikon (Bucure?ti)  
This article offers an interpretation of Plato's Lesser Hippias, containing several original claims. First, it contends that the dialogue takes place in front of an unnamed audience composed of Socrates' students and the dialogue is therefore for their benefit, not that of Hippias or Eudicus. It then argues that Socrates juxtaposes himself to Hippias to show the superiority of philosophy to sophistry. Finally, this article claims that the central argument of the dialogue is a means to
more » ... e Socrates' superior understanding of justice, for he is able to tell the truth on the matter as well as lie, showing mastery of both philosophy and sophistry. These assertions demonstrate the importance of the Lesser Hippias in the broader Platonic corpus.
doi:10.22151/politikon.43.3 fatcat:lczlfiit7fg63fvizq6o6j7fca