Spin-Echo Dynamics of a Heavy Hole in a Quantum Dot

Xiaoya Judy Wang, Stefano Chesi, W. A. Coish
2012 Physical Review Letters  
We develop a theory for the spin-echo dynamics of a heavy hole in a quantum dot, accounting for both hyperfine- and electric-field-induced fluctuations. We show that a moderate applied magnetic field can drive this system to a motional-averaging regime, making the hyperfine interaction ineffective as a decoherence source. Furthermore, we show that decay of the spin-echo envelope is highly sensitive to the geometry. In particular, we find a specific choice of initialization and π-pulse axes
more » ... can be used to study intrinsic hyperfine-induced hole-spin dynamics, even in systems with substantial electric-field-induced dephasing. These results point the way to designed hole-spin qubits as a robust and long-lived alternative to electron spins.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.109.237601 pmid:23368266 fatcat:ubdbdi2epra6rkyyxkvnwluaqe