Repositioning of immature permanent teeth with displacement due to trauma by minor tooth movement (M. T. M.)
Minor tooth movement (M. T. M.) を応用した幼若永久歯外傷の整復症例

Yuriko SURUGA, Kumiko NOZAKA, Akiko TUKAMOTO, Eiichi AMARI
1999 Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  
We report two cases of subluxation of upper incisors, in which repositioning was performed by M. T. M. with good prognosis. Case 1 was a boy aged 7 years and 7 months who sustained trauma 21•Û1 in a fall. On initial examination, 21•Û1 were displaced lingually, which prevented posterior occlusion. Since the injury was three days old, M. T. M. was used for repositioning. After three weeks of M. T. M., retention was performed for two weeks. At 4 months
doi:10.11265/poms1991.9.29 fatcat:fucvkhx3ynhhbdmrlp2dhpm52e