A.Q. Khudiyeva, T.M. Ilyaslı, I.I. Aliyev, S.A.Mehdiyeva S.A.Mehdiyeva
2019 Kimya problemləri  
The NdAs 2 Se 4 -Nd 2 Se 3 system was investigated by methods of differential thermal (DTA), Xray phase (XRF), microstructural (MSA) analysis, as well as microhardness and density measurements, and a T-x phase diagram was constructed. It has been established that this system is a non-quasi-binary section of the ternary Nd-As-Se system. Above the solidus temperature (675 0 C) the NdAs 2 Se 4 -Nd 2 Se 3 system is not quasi-binary, and below the solidus is stable. In the NdAs 2 Se 4 -Nd 2 Se 3
more » ... Se 4 -Nd 2 Se 3 system solid solutions based on the initial components are practically not detected.
doi:10.32737/2221-8688-2019-2-291-295 fatcat:rtojk66zcbhzxfbgx253dgu7jq