"Using Activities in Teaching: A Study of Central Tibetan Schools Administration (CTSA) Teachers in India"

2017 International Journal of Current Research and Review  
With the use of activities in classroom, a teacher can motivate students to learn theory, enhance learners' ability to recognize multiple perspectives, develop critical thinking and help in retention and application of activity. Materials and Methods: This paper is based on the feedback given by the 22 Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs) regarding activity-based teaching at Higher Secondary Stage in different subject areas from four states during a 10 Day In-Service Programme at NCERT. To assess the
more » ... ERT. To assess the usability of activities, a feedback form was administered to teachers. The questions were both quantitative and qualitative. Focus group discussion with the teachers was held so that their true feelings may be recorded. Results: 97 per cent teachers responded that activity based method was better than lecture for retention and application of activity. Activities illustrate the practical application of theories and, most important, the relation between theories and practical results. 85 per cent teachers were of the opinion that the use of activities will enhance students' ability to recognize multiple perspectives. Conclusion: The findings of the study have ascertained and supported to the activity based method for better application/teaching. The classroom discussion that activities stimulate is highly rewarding. The use of activities is able to change the classroom environment from the passive listening of lectures and writing notes into the exchange of ideas. The evidence from the study suggests that the use of activities does more than stimulate academic discussion. The teachers take more interest and are motivated to teach the subject with the activities. They feel that the use of activities are interesting and adding interest to the subject and makes the classroom more real.
doi:10.7324/ijcrr.2017.9212 fatcat:duoi6iweyjgk3mbvjuro5d36la