Surface states of perovskite iridatesAIrO3: Signatures of a topological crystalline metal with nontrivialZ2index

Heung-Sik Kim, Yige Chen, Hae-Young Kee
2015 Physical Review B  
There have been increasing efforts in realizing topological metallic phases with nontrivial surface states. It was suggested that orthorhombic perovskite iridates are classified as a topological crystalline metal (TCM) with flat surface states protected by lattice symmetries. Here we perform first-principles electronic structure calculations for epitaxially stabilized orthorhombic perovskite iridates. Remarkably, two different types of topological surface states are found depending on surface
more » ... rections. On side surfaces, flat surface states protected by lattice symmetries emerge, manifesting the topological crystalline character. On the top surface, on the other hand, an unexpected Dirac cone appears, indicating surface states protected by a time-reversal symmetry, which is confirmed by the presence of a nontrivial topological Z_2 index. These results suggest that the orthorhombic iridates are unique systems exhibiting both lattice- and global-symmetry-protected topological phases and surface states. Transitions to weak and strong topological insulators and implications of surface states in light of angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy are also discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.91.235103 fatcat:om2ep3vj5je55bypn5hcvx5nru