R-KG: A Novel Method for Implementing a Robot Intelligent Service

Wu Hao, Jiao Menglin, Tian Guohui, Ma Qing, Liu Guoliang
2020 AI  
Aiming to solve the problem of environmental information being difficult to characterize when an intelligent service is used, knowledge graphs are used to express environmental information when performing intelligent services. Here, we specially design a kind of knowledge graph for environment expression referred to as a robot knowledge graph (R-KG). The main work of a R-KG is to integrate the diverse semantic information in the environment and pay attention to the relationship at the instance
more » ... evel. Also, through the efficient knowledge organization of a R-KG, robots can fully understand the environment. The R-KG firstly integrates knowledge from different sources to form a unified and standardized representation of a knowledge graph. Then, the deep logical relationship hidden in the knowledge graph is explored. To this end, a knowledge reasoning model based on a Markov logic network is proposed to realize the self-developmental ability of the knowledge graph and to further enrich it. Finally, as the strength of environment expression directly affects the efficiency of robots performing services, in order to verify the efficiency of the R-KG, it is used here as the semantic map that can be directly used by a robot for performing intelligent services. The final results prove that the R-KG can effectively express environmental information.
doi:10.3390/ai1010006 fatcat:dhbkgbqwijhs3nlz7uoufikyrm