Influence of 1960s Apparel Silhouette on the Geometry Textile Pattern
1960년대 의상 실루엣이 직물의 기하학문양 디자인에 미치는 영향

A-Rang Yang, Hyo-Jin Lee
2012 The Korean Society of Costume  
This study considered and analyzed the influence of changed clothing silhouettes on the textile patterns by investigating the changes of geometry patterns in response to the changes of western women's apparel silhouette in the 1960s. The period scope of research was limited to the 1960s, and the research object was set as the geometry patterns seen in the designer's high-fashion. The researcher investigated the clothing silhouette and the textile patterns in 1960s by reviewing the literature
more » ... g the literature about domestic and foreign books, research papers, domestic and foreign fashion magazines, information on the Internet. For the western women's apparel in 1960s, some active, simple styles were popular under the social atmosphere when more women actively entered the society. Influenced by popular art trends at that time, the silhouette was expressed in the geometry pattern among many textile patterns. The geometry pattern either appeared as a regularly overall repeating geometry pattern and the regularly partial repeating geometry pattern. The regularly overall repeating geometry pattern arranged the straight lines in the same interval. But the regularly partial repeating geometry pattern was arranged without order to emphasize the motif in some parts of clothing or to give some ornament effect, or was arranged asymmetrically. 1)
doi:10.7233/jksc.2012.62.7.067 fatcat:yjxg237wtnfitgfa6ylbxvuaay