The sensorial structures of Spondylus americanus Hermann,1781 (Mollusca: Bivalvia, Spondylidae)

Marina Gomes Viana, Cristina de Almeida Rocha-Barreira
2007 Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology  
Adult animals of Spondylus americanus were analyzed and specialized sensorial structures, the sensorial papillae and the eyes, were characterized. The sensorial papillae were projections on the edge of the mantle in form of light brown fingers which had function of percepting stimulus coming from the medium. They were constituted by loose conjunctive tissues with longitudinal muscular fibers and externally covered by ciliated cubic epithelium, which presented high amount of melanocytes that
more » ... the coloration of the papillae. The eyes were more complex, being on small stalks histologically similar to the papillae. They exhibited a circular formate and had a metallic blue color. Theses structures were constituted by a corneo epithelium, cornea, lens, retina, basal stalk, periocular band and optical nerve. The eyes were distributed asymmetrically to both valves related with the sedentarism of the species. Right valve presented a smaller number of eyes when compared to left one.
doi:10.1590/s1516-89132007000500009 fatcat:gzne4avsjjex3papsdxjc4zc4e