Chiral quark model of nucleon spin-flavor structure with SU(3) and axial-U(1) breakings

T. P. Cheng, Ling-Fong Li
1998 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
The chiral quark model with a nonet of Goldstone bosons can yield an adequate description of the observed proton flavor and spin structure. In a previous publication we have compared the results of a SU(3) symmetric calculation with the phenomenological findings based on experimental measurements and SU(3) symmetry relations. In this paper we discuss their SU(3) and axial-U(1) breaking corrections. With two parameters, we obtain a very satisfactory fit to the F/D ratios for the octet baryon
more » ... he octet baryon masses and for their axial vector couplings, as well as the different quark flavor contributions to the proton spin. The result also can account for, not only the light u and d quark asymmetry, but also the strange quark content, of the proton sea. SU(3) breaking is the key in reconciling the strange quark fraction as measured in the neutrino charm production and that as deduced from the pion nuleon sigma term.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.57.344 fatcat:g573a5w7r5ashimzmst54oasai