Combination of Edible Coatings Containing Oregano Essential Oil Nanoemulsion and Pulsed Light Treatments for Improving the Shelf Life of Tomatoes

Annachiara Pirozzi, Vittoria Del Grosso, Giovanna Ferrari, Gianpiero Pataro, Francesco Donsì
2021 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
Edible coatings (ECs) have attracted increasing attention in the last years as a simple yet effective approach to increase the storability of perishable foods, such as fresh or fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, contributing to maintaining their quality by reducing respiration rate and water loss. The incorporation of antimicrobial agents, such as essential oils, was reported to add also antimicrobial properties to the coatings, through the controlled release of the antimicrobial compounds on the
more » ... food surface, contributing to further reduce microbial growth over extended periods of storage. Pulsed light (PL) treatments have been widely investigated as non-thermal processes for superficial decontamination of food and food-contact surfaces, because of their ability to cause, through a short exposition, a significant reduction in the microbial population. Therefore, the combination of ECs and PL treatments represents a promising hurdle approach in food preservation, for extending the shelf life of fresh products. ECs in combination with optimum PL treatment condition (4 J/cm2) improved the quality of tomato fruits in terms of reducing the growth of the endogenous flora, as well as of preserving the quality attributes (pH, total soluble solids, and color) over a 15-d storage at room temperature.
doi:10.3303/cet2187011 doaj:e42769d6d995431f8d2f3a61703a8226 fatcat:cyefmvxhjncqra6ethy6c2pb7q