Reliability-Aware Multipath Routing of Time-Triggered Traffic in Time-Sensitive Networks

Kai Huang, Xinming Wan, Ke Wang, Xiaowen Jiang, Junjian Chen, Qingtang Deng, Wenyuan Xu, Yonggang Peng, Zhili Liu
2021 Electronics  
With the development of industrial networks, the demands for strict timing requirements and high reliability in transmission become more essential, which promote the establishment of a Time-Sensitive Network (TSN). TSN is a set of standards with the intention of extending Ethernet for safety-critical and real-time applications. In general, frame replication is used to achieve fault-tolerance, while the increased load has a negative effect on the schedule synthesis phase. It is necessary to
more » ... der schedulability and reliability jointly. In this paper, a heuristic-based routing method is proposed to achieve fault tolerance by spatial redundancy for TSNs containing unreliable links. A cost function is presented to evaluate each routing set, and a heuristic algorithm is applied to find the solution with higher schedulability. Compared to the shortest path routing, our method can improve the reliability and the success rate of no-wait scheduling by 5–15% depending on the scale of topology.
doi:10.3390/electronics10020125 fatcat:ngatymr3qjah3f32iqwstddtre