Design Automation of Low Dropout Voltage Regulators: A General Approach

Karimeldeen Mohamed, Sherif Nafea, Hesham Omran
2022 Electronics  
Analog design is an inherently intricate process comprising many trade-offs; as a result, it is an iterative time-consuming operation. A low dropout voltage regulator (LDO) is an example of such analog blocks that involve a myriad of trade-offs. In this paper, we present an automated design procedure for LDOs using precomputed look-up tables (LUTs) and the gm/ID methodology. Using a symbolic solver and the precomputed LUTs, a design database for an LDO that contains one million design points is
more » ... generated in a few seconds. The database provides visualization of the design space and exploration of the trade-offs across different corners and load currents. A design example is provided to demonstrate the procedure using 40 nm technology and the results are verified using Cadence Spectre simulator. The approach is holistic in the sense that it uses an accurate symbolic solver to capture the small signal model complexities, incorporates LUTs for accurate calculation of the large signal solution and the small signal parameters, is fast because the simulator in the loop scenario is omitted, and almost all the specifications of LDOs are incorporated.
doi:10.3390/electronics12010205 fatcat:e6h6pnbkbfakhblyjpxebgmzpy