Capacity Per Unit Energy of Fading Channels With a Peak Constraint

V. Sethuraman, B. Hajek
2005 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory  
A discrete-time single-user scalar channel with temporally correlated Rayleigh fading is analyzed. There is no side information at the transmitter or the receiver. A simple expression is given for the capacity per unit energy, in the presence of a peak constraint. The simple formula of Verdu for capacity per unit cost is adapted to a channel with memory, and is used in the proof. In addition to bounding the capacity of a channel with correlated fading, the result gives some insight into the
more » ... tionship between the correlation in the fading process and the channel capacity. The results are extended to a channel with side information, showing that the capacity per unit energy is one nat per Joule, independently of the peak power constraint. A continuous-time version of the model is also considered. The capacity per unit energy subject to a peak constraint (but no bandwidth constraint) is given by an expression similar to that for discrete time, and is evaluated for Gauss-Markov and Clarke fading channels.
doi:10.1109/tit.2005.853329 fatcat:uabv2vsvavff5mzf2zh2j5xqqi