The scientific value of the written monument "Codex Cumanikus"

S.S. Korabai, M.O.Auezov Institute of Literature and Art, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2021 Keruen  
The article is sanctified to the unique turkic writing monument «Сodex Сumanikus». It is a practical reference book on a kypshak language that included the glossaries of words of Latin and translating into Persian and kypshak languages. This part embraces the words of everyday everyday life and terminology on trade, religion, astronomy, to military and state service and others like that. Кuman riddles that are the major source of study of early turkic folklore are also given in a manuscript. In
more » ... a world turcologist Сodex Сumanikus is considered the most well-known monument of turkic letter of period of Gold Horde. This book was written more than seven centuries ago and only copy of the «Code manuscript» discovered in 1363 in Venice among the books of library the name of SaintMark, where she and saved until now. "Code" is written by the Roman alphabet on a оguz-kypshak adverb. He contains kypshak calendars and folklore materials, and also latin-persian-kypshak and kypshak-german-latin dictionaries.
doi:10.53871/2078-8134.2021.1-01 fatcat:v35dxuwwzvb4bdkvy3jsfgyzzi