Awareness On The Mode Of Transmission Of Virus Causing COVID 19 Among General PublicA Questionnaire Survey

Leslie Rani, Lecturer, Department of Pathology, Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (SIMATS), Saveetha University, 162, PH Road, Chennai 600077, Tamil Nadu, India.
2021 International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Science  
Aim: The aim of study is to assess the awareness level on mode of spread of COVID 19 among the general public. Introduction: COVID 19 is a communicable disease which is caused by coronavirus. People are affected from mild to moderate respiratory illness. The mode of spread of COVID19 is through droplets of various sizes. >5-10 micrometer is the size, which is named as the respiratory droplets. <5 micrometer is the size of the respiratory droplets called as the droplet nuclei. The transmission
more » ... The transmission of droplets takes place from infected person to person with in 1-3m. Awareness on the mode of spread of COVID is necessary among all the people to decrease the number of cases. WHO recommends droplet and contact precautions such as usage of appropriate use of PPE, which not only includes masks but also requires correct usage by these health care workers. Materials and method: A sample size of 100 people were taken for the study which was conducted from March to May 2020. A questionnaire containing around 20 questions were uploaded in the google forms. The survey was attended by the people of chennai from various areas. The questions were related to the awareness among people regarding mode of spread. The data was obtained through SPSS software and analysis was made. Results: The survey shows that around 36% of the people have responded that the mode of spread of COVID is through contaminated objects and 32% of them have responded that it is mainly through droplet transmission. Almost 49% of the people follow all kinds of preventive measures in order to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Conclusion: Therefore, it could be concluded that people are more aware of the most commonest mode of spread transmission of virus causing COVID19.
doi:10.19070/2377-8075-21000388 fatcat:lnde4sbyuzfrpgxysmvyu2bfz4