Optics Simulations for the NLC Main Linac [report]

Mark D Woodley
2001 unpublished
Focusing in the NLC main linac will be provided mainly by hybrid permanent magnet quadrupoles which have limited variability in strength. When the energy profile of the linac changes, due to normal cycling of rf sources, mismatches in the beam optics can be generated if the quadrupole strengths are not rescaled to the new energy profile. These mismatches can lead to emittance dilution. In addition, betatron phase advance changes caused by the mismatch can adversely affect the beam trajectory,
more » ... beam trajectory, leading to emittance dilution from dispersion and wakefields. This paper describes the results of simulations of these processes, undertaken in an attempt to determine whether or not rescaling of the quadrupoles will be necessary in the NLC main linac.
doi:10.2172/784940 fatcat:zl3irnfdyndpjdtfs4d5jyoy2m