Microstructure Evalution of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion In Aluminium 5083 Alloy by Cryogenic Treatment

Rajeshwaran, Sureshkumar
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
This process is about subjecting the commercially available aluminium magnesium (Al 5083) alloy with equal channel angular extrusion process (ECAP) using route-Bc at room temperature and cryogenic conditions. Initially before the ECAP process the material properties were tabulated. And subsequently the properties of the material after the ECAP process is tabulated against the initial properties of the material, And along with the two readings the properties of material which undergone cryogenic
more » ... undergone cryogenic treatment is tabulated. In this study it was clear that the mechanical properties of the material in cryogenic conditions are found to be better than the other two readings. With the increase in pass number the micro hardness and tensile strength of the alloy increases. The tested alloy can be used in various engineering applications requiring high strength.