Observations of biting and resting behavior of Anopheles albimanus in Guatemala
グアテマラにおける Anopheles albimanus の吸血・休息行動の観察

Kazuki OGATA, Takaharu IKEDA, Tokuko UMINO, Rodolfo Zeissig BOCANEGRA
1992 Medical Entomology and Zoology  
: The biting and resting behaviors of . 4nopheles albimanus were observed ill a rural vil工 age of southern Guatemala, with the aim of . improving the residual spraying methOd for malaria contro1 . Seasonal changes in the biting density and behavior were studied by fortnightly human bait collection inside and outside houses for 2 and a half yea 凪 Bit量 ng activity peaked twice a year in June and Novem − ber ・All ・ night colIections revealed that biting usually began just after sunset and was at
more » ... sunset and was at the maximum during the first 3 hr after sunset . The biting rate was almost equal between inside and outside houses in the early stage of the observations , but after residual applications of insecticides the population demonstrated a tendency of exgPhagy ・The majority of mosquitoes which bit inside a house flew out of the house w 三 thin a few hours and only a few percent of individuals rernained there until the next moming . No avoidance of insecticide residues was noted and the greater part of the insects that rested on the residue of propoxur was killed before exiting , Asurvey of daytime resting places revealed the majority on the undersurface of the roof of a variety of sheds ,
doi:10.7601/mez.43.47 fatcat:gg3ps753h5es7nzkmv3wzwys4y